If you need to move your Follow Adder settings to a different computer, you can do so by moving the database files. The settings are stored in multiple files, one for the program settings, and one for each of your users. They are stored in a folder named "FollowAdder-IG".

The databases for Follow adder are stored in the following location depending on your operating system:


Windows 7 / Vista: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\FollowAdder-IG

Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\FollowAdder-IG

In Windows, the files may be hidden. To show them, change the folder options setting: Control Panel > Folder Options > Check Show Hidden Folders and Files > Click Apply

OS X Macintosh HD/Users/USER/Library/Preferences/FollowAdder-IG

Mac Mountain Lion Database

In finder, you need to click Go > Go to folder and input it there.

You can't browse to it because the folders are hidden. Unless you do this:

Open the Mac Terminal App.
To open the Terminal app, click on Go then Utilities then double click on the Terminal app

In the Terminal, enter these two commands:
cd ~/Library/Preferences/FollowAdder-IG [press enter] rm *.db [press enter]